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Junior Section

The Junior Section is the second stage for youngster in the BB and is for children aged between 8 and 11.

Juniors is about having fun, making friends, trying new things and enjoying lots of activities. if that sounds familiar its because those are the same aims as the Anchor section.  In fact Anchors and Juniors are so similar that we are able to run both sections together.

The Juniors meet every Thursday during normal school term time at 17:45 untill 19:00.

The Juniors activity programme is virtually identical to the Anchor section which is why we are able to run activities for both age groups together. The main difference is that in order for a Junior to earn an award they must complete at least one activity from each of the five zones. This keeps the activities balanced and allows us to focus on each of these important aspects.

The Junior Section has lots of fun doing different activities which include making things, crafts, games, sports, stories, going on visits, making friends, and working towards their badges the 5 sections that the activities follow are:

  • Body - fit for fun
  • Mind - think and do
  • Spirit - God and me
  • Community - me and my world
  • Creativity - make and do

See below for more information on the badge system.

For more information contact us info@33rdbirminghamboysbrigade.org.uk

33rd Birmingham BB - Junior Section
Junior Uniform & Badges


The Junior Boy uniform consists of a Blue Junior Jumper(right) and dark trousers (school trousers are ideal), dark coloured socks and black shoes, Badges are worn on a armband which goes on the right arm. See below for more information on the Junior Boys Babges. Anchor Boys Jumper


The Anchors Activity Programme provides an informal award scheme. This means boys will gain their awards as they take part in the usual programme activities.

Junior Target Award Junior Bronze Award Junior Silver Award Junior Gold Award
The first award is the Junior Target Badge which requires 5 activities. The second award is the Junior Bronze Badge requires a further 10 activities. The third award is the Junior Silver Badge requires a total of 20 activities. The highest award is the Junior Gold Badge and this requires a further 20 activities.
One activity from each zone One activity from each zone Three activitys from each zone Three activitys from each zone
Awarded in first session. Awarded at age 8/9. Awarded at age 9/10. Awarded at age 10/11

1 Activity is made up of three 20 minutes sessions.

In order to get all 4 awards a boy needs to complete a total of 55 activities over 3 years. It does not matter what age your child joins at since they will join in with others their same age and participate at their own level. There is no judgment about how well they have done, all that is required is to join in and try their best.

In addition Junior Boys will earn a service badge which shows how many years they have been a member for. A Juniors Boy can earn up to a maximum of 6 years service.

Anchor Boys' Service Badge

The Badges are displayed on an armband that is worn on the right arm, the badges should be layed out as per this picture.

Anchor Boys Armband